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Stimulate your brain with sensory resets scientifically designed to empower your mind.

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Elevate your 

mood with 


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Learn how to conquer 

your emotions 

with brainbo power by AI

Embrace a new way to anchor your thoughts and inspire creativity with science-backed Color Sensory Reset designed to help reframe your current state of mind. Color is energy that can stimulate our nervous system.

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Harness the power of color using the award winning brainbo app.

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Join 50,000+ people who've discovered

their color mood

It all begins with brainbo’s simple color mood test. Download now and begin your journey inwards. 

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Bring your experience to life with smart TVs & lighting systems

Connect with compatible devices such as smart TVs, projectors and smart lighting.

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Activate data modules 

that supports wellbeing 

& boosts creativity

We offer a suite of B2B data tools and

AI solutions that create a measurable difference with individual and team outcomes.

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"This tool is one of many, and a powerful one. The philosophy and science behind the technology is solid, grounded and practical- and I’m thankful to Brainbo for making it accessible to all."

"Thanks! Did my color Sensory Reset and I love it! Congrats!

“I already tried the app and I love it ,I’m sharing it with everyone. Is has been working

so well for me, helping me a lot ! “

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Use color data to optimize & personalize customer experiences

 We leverage technology to identify personal preferences, experiences, upbringings, cultural differences and context which all play a contributing role in our brain’s interpretation of color.

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Learn about color’s influence on the senses & mood

 Color is a computation that our brains make that enables us to extract meaning from the world. Research confirms it plays a unique role in shaping the emotions and moods we experience.

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