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An innovative sensory wellness platform that uses science-backed color & binaural sound to support your mental health.

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Color is an effective sensory tool 

that can be used to shift human 

perception. We use color to 

tease your brain and 

expand your mind.



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Color is perceptual as it a construct of our predictive brain.


Department of Clinical & Social Sciences

University of Rochester

Color is data that provides context to our memories.


Institute of Psychology
University of Lausanne


Color is energy

that can stimulate our nervous system.


Colour Science & Technology

University of Leeds.

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Discover how 

your color mood evolves

In just a few taps, identify your mood and embrace the power of meditation in your personalized color.

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brainbo goals

Immerse in

functional &

nature-based meditation

5 minute micro-immersions designed
to stimulate your brain and shift your perception

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Bring your

experience to

life using 


Connect with compatible devices such as smart TVs, projectors and smart lighting.

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Abstract Art
Binaural Music

Guided Meditation

Share w/Friends

Daily Mantras

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Improve Mood

Reduce Burnout

Enhance Sleep

Boost Creativity 

Deepen Meditation

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NatGeo Portugal

“future of sensory wellness”
Hotel Designs

“sensory meditation
has arrived”


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"The philosophy and science behind the technology is solid, grounded and practical and I’m thankful to Brainbo for making it accessible to all."

Sasha, Italy

"Thanks! Did my color meditation and I love it! Congrats!"


Lucas, Switzerland

“I tried the app and I love it , I’m sharing it with everyone. Is has been working so well for me, helping me a lot !“

Susana, Portugal