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How mycoocoon aims to rebalance energy in the workplace

At Mad World we believe that we're on the cusp of a mental health revolution. As employers and employees start to feel that they can talk more openly about emotional wellbeing and mental health in the workplace, and organisations increasingly recognise that wellbeing underpins productivity and engagement, a new world of innovative solutions is emerging. One of these is mycoocoon.

Created by PANTONEUNVERSE founders Valerie Corcias and Dominique Kelly in 2014, mycoocoonis a pod - a kind of igloo - which draws on the healing therapy of chromotherapy. Originating in Asia over a thousand years ago, the concept of chromotherapy uses light in the form of colour to balance physical, emotional, spiritual or mental energy levels in a person's body.

mycoocoon will be exhibiting at the Mad World Summit on 9th October, so we took the opportunity to chat with Valerie Corcias, to find out a bit more about the inspiration for this innovative solution, the impact mycoocoonis having and plans for the future.

For mycoocoon, we have worked with leading chromotherapists, aromatherapists and nutritionists, to create a holistic healing solution for the 21stCentury. It’s an immersive colour experience that combines chromotherapy with leading edge technology. Our aim is to bring wellbeing through colour to people with an active lifestyle – bringing to urban life the same kind of balance and harmony that you feel when you are connected to nature.

You say that mycoocoon achieves the balance of physical, emotional, spiritual or mental energy levels in a person's body. How does this work?

The way this works is through the mycoocoonColour Institute app. This app creates your own colour profile with a colour test, then sends your profile information to the mycoocoondevice - acting as the remote control for the lights.This colour test is based on the algorithm of colours selection, which determines your energy balance and your colour needs.

The colour result, which adapts across the day - depending on your mood - is sent to no-frequency, biocompatible lights, which don’t generate the radio frequency radiation, flickering and unnatural stimuli of fluorescent lights. These lights, combined with the other elements of the pod, allow the person to rebalance the 8 colours we have in our body which are linked to our chackras (the natural spiritual centres in our bodies which energy flows through).

What are some of the tangible benefits of mycoocoon for workplaces that you have seen?

To combat workplace related stress, sometimes people need to relax, re-group and disengage from technology.We have demonstrated that mycoocoonis excellent for relieving stress, reducing the impact of seasonal disease and alleviating jet lag. It also aids relaxation and boosts concentration. A 20 minutes immersion power nap in a mycoocoon pod is the equivalent of 2 hours of sleep.

With mycoocoon, it feels like you’re able to almost go inside a colour. It’s amazing for meditation and it’s good to have a space to think about your projects.

During a two-month installation with a financial technology incubator in Canary Wharf, all the staff changed their way of working; they changed the way they connected with work and with other people too.

How does mycoocoon fit into an employer's workplace wellbeing strategy?

We install mycoocoon cabins in a space where the employees can come during the day. After their immersion session, employees are given a colour pin and colour benefit card. Good relationships between employees are essential for a healthy and productive work environment and we’ve observed that the pin – a kind of badge - is an excellent ice breaker; it helps people within the company to relate if they have the same colour pin.

We also offer colour yoga and colour meditation sessions as well as colour team building and workshops. So, from colour immersive spaces to team skills mapping, we design bespoke colour experiences and solutions, generating social links, emotions and commitment that can curb absenteeism, boost productivity and relieve stress.

What developments are on the horizon for mycoocoon? What is your vision for the next 5 years?

Tiredness negatively affects productivity at work, 12 billion working days are lost every year to stress and depression and absenteeism increased 25% over the course of the past year in the UK.

Our mission is to make a real difference by being Human to Human #H2H.Through our colour consultancy, we aim to reduce substantially levels of employees’ stress, increase their productivity, enhance team building, and reinforce connection between the company and its employees.

Investing in mental, physical and emotional health will help create a happier, healthier workforce and our vision is that all workplaces will provide the mycoocoonsolution for their employees. We also envisage a future where colour energy hubs will enable people in cities to reenergise themselves during the day.

Mad World will provide an excellent opportunity to show attendees what mycoocoon can do and connect with employers that are interested in supporting and promoting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of their employees.

We look forward to finding out more at Mad World. In the meantime, you can see mycoocoonat The London Design Festival’s COLOUR ENERGY HUB 15-23 September, or watch the mycoocoonvideo…

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