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Wellness 2030 – The New Techniques of Happiness

The Spectra life review will help you identify the things you need to do to improve your life balance and personal happiness.

From 'Wellness 2030 – The New Techniques of Happiness’ report– one of five technology trends that will shape the future wellness market: Humans and technology converge.

The wellness industry will become an extension of the data economy

The wellness industry must make itself for a data-driven future. It will become an extension of the data economy, have to decipher the wishes of its customers and create o ers that match them. In this world, only those service providers who speak most directly to our own individual pros- pects for happiness will prevail.

The wellness market

'The Global Wellness Institute estimates that the wellness industry generated a turnover of USD 3.7 trillion in 2015. This includes sectors such as wellness tourism, the spa industry, fitness, healthy eating, and work- place wellness programs.'

Disruptive well-being technology

'Technology will disrupt the way we think and how we experience our body. The next wave of technology will reshape how it feels to be human. Wellness will be disrupted by new technologies and will serve as a point of convergence with many other industries.

mycoocoon is a well-being technology based on chromotherapy with bio-compatible lights.


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