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How technology improves patient experience

In a recent conference, US experts discussed the role of technology in Patient Experience. For Dr. Richard Milani, chief clinical transformation officer and practicing cardiologist at Ochsner Health System in Louisiana : ‘Technology is an enabler towards a better patient experience and better patient engagement.’

"Nobody wants to be a patient," underlines Dr. Gus Crothers, medical director of clinical personnel at Grand Rounds "They want to be people »

Colour connect people and generate human links

As an universal language conveying emotions, colour speaks to the sensibility of everyone with a direct influence on the state of mind, the mood and what we feel.

mycoocoon technology offers a strong well-being impact for all of the areas health care.

Reducing stress in hospitalized children/ adults

mycoocoon can be installed in rooms with limited natural light and can provide an interactive relaxing and engaging tool for children/adults during their time in hospital.

Boosting the well-being for parents and family

By dimming the power of lights, parents can stay in same the room while the child is asleep and read or relax in an immersive atmosphere. Taking care of the parents’ comfort, sleep and psychological well-being.

Boost the mental and physical well- being of the staff

Reducing workplace stress with mycoocoon is a proven benefit but the impact on night staff of a 20 mins colour immersion equating to 2 hours of sleep was something we had not considered until today.

Contact our team and learn more about :

Implementing mycoocoon technology in your health care department.

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